In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul makes it clear that singleness is a viable way to serve God and should not be viewed as a “second-class state” — if anything, his preference would seem to be for people to remain single so they can serve the Lord. Therefore, the Bible does not marginalize singles but shows that they play a vital role in God’s work in the world.

Singles can serve God in unique ways (just as marriage is a place in which one can serve God in unique ways), and singles play such a vital role in the ministries of Cowee. Those with the gift of singleness living for the Glory of God can accomplish amazing things for the Kingdom.

Marriage is not the goal, but living lives for the glory of God and fulfilling His command to make disciples is the goal. Whether you’ve never been married, are divorced, are widowed or are a single parent, you are welcome here. God doesn’t want you to live in isolation and we believe that we are better together! There are great opportunities to connect in mixed and gender specific groups throughout the week and in our Sunday Morning Small Groups at 10am between services. May God bless and use your singleness for His Glory.


Here are some great resources. Keep checking back for more great resources and embrace the gift of this season for the glory of God.