What is the age that a person becomes a senior adult? Is it 55, 60, or 62? There is not a specific age to enjoy or qualify to be a Cowee Gem; rather it is a retirement-age fellowship engaged in wholesome activities that minister to people in the same season of life.

The Gems regularly have events, such as monthly game nights and trips, that provide opportunities for people to have fun, get to know one another, and connect with a Christian community. Special events, like Vet Fete (a Veteran’s Day Celebration), are also planned to reach out to the larger community. Likewise, the Cowee Gems minister to senior adults outside the walls of the church through activities like a monthly nursing home worship service and hosting cookouts for a retirement community.

What is the Mission of the Senior Adults?

“To provide opportunities for retirement-age people to fulfill their spiritual and emotional needs through wholesome activities and Christ-centered ministry to others who are in the same season of life.”

Monthly HomeTouch Magazine

Each month we share a magazine that contains words of encouragement from our Minister of Care and Outreach Pastor Ronnie, a weekly devotion, Cowee birthdays and anniversaries and some fun pages to keep the mind sharp. Our HomeTouch magazine is updated monthly.