Family Worship

God calls the family to be the primary place where discipling the next generation takes place. It is our desire to equip and resource families for this great work.

Time, Moments, and Milestones


Intentionally scheduling time into the life of our families to gather in “God Time” regularly. This intentional time could be reading Scripture together, singing together, and praying together. Every family is different and depending on ages and other dynamics, in some ways it will be unique for every family.



Intentionally looking for moments that can be used for gospel-centered conversations with our children. Moments can be high moments or low moments that allow our unconditional love to be displayed and to reflect on God’s love for us. Celebrating moments of achievement to point to the grace of God in giving us gifts to be used for His glory is an example. A parent demonstrating repentance when they have done wrong, been angry, etc. are moments that our kids won’t forget as we model what it looks like to follow Christ.



Intentionally planning to make and recognizing opportunities to mark significant milestones in the life of the family and of the child. Cowee desires to help with equipping parents in several milestones that we have identified. During these special moments, classes will be offered to prepare and equip the parent with tools and resources to engage well in these special milestone markers on their journey.


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