8/10 Milestones: Preparing for Adolescence

August 10 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Preparing for Adolescense


Welcome to great change! Your child is about to enter the journey to adulthood by way of climbing the mountain called adolescence. We want to help you navigate the many issues that your preteen is facing…body changes, influence of media, personal identity, healthy relationships and more. And we want to help you set your children up to remain pure through it all. At Cowee, we desire to take a holistic approach to purity in all of life according to Scripture. A commitment to physical purity is only part of the story. The Preparing for Adolescence Milestone is about guiding your preteen along the path that God has laid for them. This Milestone includes a parent class(s) where we will equip and encourage parents to intentionally prepare their children to enter the teen years, including sexual purity.