The Holy Spirit Changes Us
Tom1   -  

Galatians 5

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the difference between living for yourself and living for God?

The Bible often defines living in the flesh as living for our own selfish desires. Our selfish desires don’t want to obey God because we want to please ourselves and choose what is right in our own eyes. The Spirit changes us so that our selfish desires become God-honoring desires. We seek the Spirit’s guidance so they can live in a way that honors God.

2. Is obeying God’s law the way we are changed to look more like Jesus? Why not?

We are only changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of Jesus we are not under the law because Jesus fulfilled the law for us.

3. What fruit of the Spirit do you see in your life? How is this proof of the Holy Spirit in you?

We only produce the fruit of the Spirit when the Holy Spirit dwells in us through faith in Jesus. Having the fruit of the Spirit means we must submit to the Spirit’s leading and allow Him to work in us to say no to sin and yes to the ways of God. And just as a seed takes time to grow into a tree that produces fruit, so does our spiritual fruit take time to grow. But remember that God has given us our Helper, the Holy Spirit, and that He gives us the power to produce good fruit.