Jesus Was Arrested
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1. Why did Jesus go to the garden?

Answer: Jesus went to the garden to pray. He knew He was about to face very hard time, and He was sad and troubled, but Jesus trusted that God would help Him.

2. How did His prayers show that He trusted God?

Answer: Jesus said that He wanted to do God’s plan even if it meant He would suffer. Jesus loved God more than anything and believed that God’s plan was best.

3 . How did Jesus’ disciples abandon him?

Answer: Judas betrayed Jesus and lead the crowd to the garden to arrest Jesus. The disciples ran away, and three times Peter said that he didn’t know Jesus. The disciples all sinned against Jesus by showing that they loved themselves more than Him. But Jesus showed that He loved them more than Himself by allowing the crowd to arrest Him even though He did nothing wrong. Jesus followed God’s plan and ultimately showed His love to sinners by dying on the cross for them.