What is Trail Life?

Jason Smith   -  

At Cowee Baptist Church, we believe that there is a serious problem with how our culture is raising boys, and we are taking action by implementing Trail Life, an outdoor skills and adventure program for boys and their dads. The following blog comes from information from Trail Life resources.

As a society, we often hear about the challenges and struggles that boys face in today’s world. From a lack of male role models to eroding values and norms, boys are navigating a complex landscape that can impact their development and well-being. 

One of the main issues boys face is being unguided. Many boys grow up without a positive male role model in their lives. With statistics showing that one in four boys are raised by a single mom and seventy-six percent of teachers being female, boys often lack the guidance and mentorship of men who can teach them about manhood, responsibility, and leadership. Trail Life provides an opportunity for boys to connect with their dads or other male mentors, who are trained, background-checked, and equipped to lead boys in a male-centric environment. These men serve as models and examples of godly men, guiding boys through various activities and challenges, and helping them navigate the questions of what it means to be a man, where the boundaries are, and where they belong.

Another issue boys face is being ungrounded. With eroding generational values and norms, boys may struggle to find a moral compass to navigate the complexities of life. In a society where truth and morality are often subjective, boys need a foundation that is unmovable. Trail Life takes an unapologetically Christian stance, with the Bible as the foundation for truth and a stated Christian Worldview Essentials that permeate the program. This provides boys with a solid moral foundation on which they can build their character and make wise decisions as they grow into adulthood.

Boys also need to be appreciated for who they are, and Trail Life recognizes and celebrates the developmental differences in boys. Both intellectual and emotional development progresses more slowly in boys compared to girls, which means that boys may feel like they are “behind” or assumed to be deficient in certain areas. However, Trail Life provides a boy-focused program that accentuates the strengths of boys. Through outdoor skills and adventure activities, boys are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in an environment that is geared towards their strengths. This allows them to develop a sense of appreciation and confidence in their unique abilities and talents.

In addition, boys need to be inspired to strive for excellence and overcome challenges. However, in a culture that often promotes participation trophies and “no score” games, boys may miss out on opportunities to develop healthy competitiveness and empathy by identifying with the “loser.” Trail Life understands the importance of challenging opportunities for boys to both fail and recover, as well as succeed. The program provides a robust awards program and sets physical, mental, and spiritual objectives that allow boys to experience the joy of victory and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles, motivating them to strive for their best.

In conclusion, here at Cowee Baptist Church, we are excited to implement Trail Life as a powerful solution to the challenges that boys face in today’s society. Through skill building, outdoor adventure, and the mentorship of godly men, Trail Life is a boy-focused program that celebrates their strengths and provides challenging opportunities for growth. Join us on this journey of guiding boys to become godly men!