Praying Your Friends to Christ

Jason Smith   -  

Many believers have tried to share Jesus with a friend or family member. They have encountered a hard heart and so believe they did something wrong. Our response is not to quit sharing Jesus but to begin praying for softened hearts. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can soften hard hearts. Unfortunately, many believers do not pray consistently and biblically for lost people.

The only time some people pray for lost people is when they are on visitation. They want to help people but they are afraid. So as they step up the door they pray, “Please don’t let them be home, please don’t let them be home.” J Effective evangelists have recognized the importance of biblical prayer since the first century. These sessions will share the biblical emphases on prayer that was given by Jesus, Paul, and other caring believers. They will help believers participate in the conversion of lost people.

R. A. Torrey, that great apologist-evangelist wrote, “The most important human factor in effective evangelism is PRAYER.” Torrey’s understanding of effective evangelism was true in the first century and still is true in the 21st century.

George Barna, a cultural research analyst for the contemporary church says that, “A church that strives to evangelize its community without saturating its efforts in prayer is like a race car driver that jumps into a car at the starting line and discovers that the tank has not been filled with gas.”

Drawing from 1 Timothy 2:1-8, Howard Tryon, pastor and prayer practitioner comments, “When we fervently intercede on behalf of unbelievers with respect and thankfulness, we are identifying with God’s very interests and involvement in the salvation process. We are aligning ourselves with God’s purpose.

These guides will help shape your prayer life as God prepares our hearts and our friends hearts for gospel conversations:

Praying Your Friends to Christ Booklet

Praying Your Friends to Christ Manual and Small Group Guide