8/24 Milestones: License to Drive

August 24 6:30 - 7:30 pm

License to Drive


The passage from childhood into adulthood is a significant event. Biblically, we must equip our children to become men and women of God. Age sixteen is a significant time of freedom in our culture. License to Drive is not about keys to the car; instead, it is about becoming a man or woman of God. At Cowee, we want to equip you to disciple your teenager for adulthood. Topics such as spiritual gifts, the Biblical roles of men and women, spiritual disciplines, and service in the church are a part of discipling your teenager to become a lifelong follower of Christ. We want to equip you to foster those traits in your teenager and to host a very special “rite of passage” ceremony as your teen enters his or her 16th year of life. A “rite of passage” ceremony is a special event signifying a transition from one stage to another. This is conducted by you for your teenager and is an ideal time to affirm and help your teen anticipate and prepare to accept God’s plan for the future.